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ksarghilane photo de sahara

The Oasis is located in the Sahara of South Tunisia, at the south of Douz . Ksar Ghilane is well-known thanks to its hot water source and Roman fortress ruins. It is a popular touristic place to spend one day or one night in any of its many camps.

However, Ksar Ghilane is also a village where some families, who are still very close to the Sahara, live very modestly by engaging in animal breeding, culture of dates, and tourism through camels trekking. Camels are their precious companions and they are very proud of them.

Oasis Ksar Ghilane, with its beautiful colorful sand dunes, is in a very special location in the Sahara. It is two hours away from Douz which is a big village, situated 'at the doors of Sahara'. Here we are well immersed into the Sahara. These make an exceptional departure in this mysterious and mesmerizing desert. The one who ventures returns touched and even transformed.

The inhabitants of Ksar Ghilane are all children of the desert. Most come from families who settled in the location for the schooling of their children; however, they remain profoundly nomadic in their hearts.

The camel drivers work regularly with the tourism for small strolls. They are occasionally employed by travel agencies as guides for bivouacs through the desert.

Lovers of their desert and faithful to their traditions, far from our modern lives, these expert people invite you to discover and to share their lifestyle, their values, their world...

Going to the Sahara means you choose to live for a while in a great adventure - to go to the authentic, the essential, and to feel in symbiosis with the universe. The Sahara is full of emotions, lives, and light. You must experience it to understand the depth of its ability to show you your soul. Here you are welcome to join this big and beautiful adventure. It is up to you to fill your desires of happiness and serenity.

Welcome in Ksar Ghilane !

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